Every boy and girl deserves to enjoy their childhood years and live a good and safe life. However, this right is not granted to children from the refugee community living in Israel. Due to the danger asylum seekers experienced in their countries of origin, Israel respects international law and does not deport them to back to Sudan and Eritrea. But after more than a decade in Israel, they still do not have permanent status and equal rights. Elipelet Association aims to improve the lives of refugee children and give them a beneficial childhood, to enable their proper development and to bridge the gaps of the limited institutional capabilities and the acute needs of these children.

The association is apolitical and focused on providing emotional and educational assistance to children who are left without institutional assistance. Parents of asylum seekers' families work long hours in low-wage stressful jobs. Most toddlers, born In Israel live in makeshift dormitories established by African women, in small, neglected and sometimes run-down apartments in basements and rooms devoid of light and air. The children pass their day staring at the TV screen for a long time, without games and not much stimulation or enrichment activities, therefore they suffer from a severe lack of physical contact and attention. The Elipelet Association operates a network of clubs and an array of developmental therapies to help children bridge the gaps, to grow and realize their potential. The association cooperates with all parties, and with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers from across the social spectrum create a holistic and supportive shelter. This protective shelter takes into account all the needs of the children from morning to evening, from infancy to the end of elementary school, in and outside the home to enable every boy and girl from the community of the asylum seekers in Israel to dream and fulfill their dream while guaranteeing their physical and emotional well-being.

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