About us

Our Vision

Anatta was founded by the Stibbe family as a way of supporting initiatives that work towards a more inclusive, empathetic world. The fund is interested in projects that take a novel approach to challenges in healthcare, education, arts and culture. We offer our grantees the support of our significant financial assets, as well as a stimulating and results-oriented partnership tailored to the needs of each initiative.

Our Focus

Anatta is global in outlook and does not limit its funding endeavours by geography or nationality. At present, however, the core of our activities is centred in Israel, with the aim of improving the civic health of Israeli society by providing support to those living on its socioeconomic periphery. We also have a special interest in programmes that encourage cultural exchange between Israel and Africa.

Our Approach

We believe in working closely with our grantees to reach our common goals, as well as drawing on the expertise of other funders and impact players in academia and the private sector. We endeavour to be forward-thinking in every aspect of our work and to consistently refine our approach to best suit the needs of the communities we serve.