The Ramon Foundation

Anatta funds various activities of the Ramon Foundation, an organization dedicated to encouraging youth leadership and interest in science, aviation and space exploration. The Foundation offers educational programmes for children and teenagers, such as SpaceLab and SkyLab, which bring them into contact with scientists, astronauts and space agency representatives, as well as promoting space start-ups, hosting conferences and developing materials for science teachers, amongst a host of other initiatives.

Keren Ramon leads educational programs that operate in the spirit of Ilan, Rona and Assaf Ramon in order to inspire and develop values and abilities that will help every boy and girl realise their dreams within the worlds of space and aviation. As of 2022, the Ramon Foundation works in 240 educational institutions in 90 localities in Israel, with 70% of the Foundation's activities in the social and geographical periphery of Israel and 15% of its activities transferred to Arabic speakers.

Around the educational concept, based on Ilan Rona and Assaf's "Education in their Image", a magnificent network of educators and practitioners is being built, working from the Negev to the Upper Galilee to inspire and educate youth and students. The Foundation's Executive Committee, professional staff and various partners come from different fields of interest and expertise, and are considered leaders in their fields. Since 2010 thanks to the men and women of the professional educational staff, and alongside the wonderful teaching staff in schools, more and more children get to dream and discover their inherent potential and enrich their knowledge of the fascinating worlds of space and aviation.

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