Lod Foundation

The Lod Development Fund was established in 2008 with the aim of initiating and promoting projects for the benefit of the city of Lod and its residents. Among the Foundation's activities are initiatives to develop and encourage educational and employment opportunities, strengthen and develop activities for youth in the city, create encounters and dialogue between city residents from various groups and sectors, and encourage volunteer activities and involvement of residents in organisations of the community.

The Foundation operates as a private and independent association, supported solely by donations, promoting municipal processes for significant and long-term social change, through partnerships between the local authority and residents and private donors, philanthropic foundations, business organisations and government ministries. The members of the Foundation are residents of the city of Lod, representatives of the various sectors that make up the city and who give the city its special character.

The city of Lod and its residents embody the cultural mosaic that makes up Israeli society, and therefore constitutes a potential role model for the development of a geographical centre in Israel. Coexistence in the city is based on recognising the shared history, strengthening ties in the present and thinking about a shared future.

Anatta has been supporting the Lod Development Fund for the past 12 years in order to strengthen the organisation's activities in the city and to promote social action for the benefit of all residents of Lod. Thanks to Anatta's donations, the "Ruach Adam" Center was established – a diagnostic-therapeutic centre for children and adolescents in the city of Lod that provides mental therapy as well as parental guidance and group therapy. In addition to supporting the Foundation's day-to-day activities, Anatta also supports various occasional projects such as exhibitions, and more.


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