Nirim Youth Village, located on the northern shore of Israel, is a residential programme for 100 vulnerable young people, aged 14–18. Many of its participants come from low socio-economic backgrounds and are the children of first-generation immigrants. Some have problems with substance abuse and have dropped out of school, sometimes as a result of domestic violence, sexual abuse or neglect. Nirim’s approach is based on helping individuals discover their unique strengths, allowing them to develop the self-confidence they need to overcome their emotional challenges and integrate into the core of Israeli society. Alongside conventional therapy and community living, wilderness therapy is key to Nirim’s approach: treks, outdoor challenges and development of survival skills as means of strengthening confidence and leadership abilities. Nirim aims to foster in its participants the motivation and self-belief to successfully tackle the next steps their lives – emphasizing finishing school and service in the IDF – and give them the best possible foundation to prosper as adults.

Anatta has supported Nirim since 2013. This support enables Nirim to deepen and expand its activities and provide a response to unique challenges, including: establishing a unique framework that offers a tailored therapeutic solution for girls at risk; establishing an enrichment and personal development centre that enables Nirim trainees to locate and develop their personal talents; A training program for field therapy consisting of arduous journeys in the desert, extreme sports, field workshops and survival.

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