Israel Judo Association

The Judo Association in Israel is an association headed by a voluntary elected board. Promotion of judo in Israel is important. As part of its activities, the association operates the national teams, holds the Israeli championships for various ages, and holds courses and advanced training for instructors, coaches, referees and activists in cooperation with sports institutions in the country. The Judo Association currently has about 6,000 registered athletes aged 10 and over. Judo was the first Israeli sport to win Olympic medals in Barcelona in 1992. Since then, the judo industry has been the leading sport in Israel in terms of achievements, with countless international medals over the years. Including World Cups, Grand Slams, the Grand Prix, the European Championships, the World Championships and the Olympics. The sport of Judo symbolises politeness, courage, honesty, self-respect, modesty, self-control and friendship. In addition, judo is deployed in the service of education because of its values of tolerance, perseverance and discipline. The judo association is proud to be active in all parts of Israel.

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