The New Fund for Cinema and Television

The New Fund for Cinema and Television has been providing financial and professional support to filmmakers since 1993. Since its inception the Fund has supported hundreds of documentaries, feature films, shorts and TV dramas, many of which have been recognized by awards juries in Israel and abroad. The Fund seeks to promote tolerance, social justice and inclusivity through its work, both through the films it funds and through special programmes bringing together filmmakers from across the Middle East, new filmmakers or aspiring ultra-orthodox female filmmakers, to name just a few.

The Foundation helps nurture talented creators from a wide variety of backgrounds and communities, and runs a wide range of programs designed to empower these creators and promote equal opportunity in an industry where competition for resources is high. In addition, the New Fund for Film and Television operates educational programs and cultural activities in which diverse audiences in Israel and around the world are exposed to Israeli creativity supported by the Foundation.

In 2014, the Foundation initiated the program Documentary Creator’s Incubator – a program to cultivate documentary filmmakers from a variety of backgrounds throughout Israel. The program, now in its ninth year, brings together 9 documentary artists each year, supporting and guiding them in creating films that present and amplify female voices on social issues related to family, community, the status of women, human dignity, and human rights. The Documentary Creators Incubator operates in accordance with the high professional standards set by the Foundation, enabling filmmakers to utilise their abilities, create films as a tool for creating a pluralistic and tolerant society, and create a significant female support group. Anatta has been supporting the program since 2018, providing the participants with broad and varied professional enrichment workshops, as well as encouraging joint work and mutual projects, which enrich and deepen their work.

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